What if I tell you that you can organize, visualize, monitor your organization’s data on your fingertips without any expertise, seems strange right?

Yeah, but with the help of our latest innovation which is powered by machine learning andNLP(Natural language processing) approach, it is possible. Traditionally companies used to hiretens and hundreds of data analysts to do so because database queries are required to fetch thedesired data, after all, it is the data that drives the organization and helps in better decisionmaking.

With Easydata, you can just ask questions in natural language(currently supports English) andget the same or even better result within a second without having to manage the number ofemployees. See how easy it is, that’s why we named it ​EasyData.

Currently, we have two variant of the solution:
  • 1. API as a service:​ When you don’t want to expose your data to the 3rd party, you asknatural language questions, We get back with a database query through which anyone cansimply fetch the data and use it. The one-time setup is quick, it might take 8 hours or lessto get started. All you need to do is, sign in to our platform to get your unique key, uploadyour database schema, and you can just start asking questions.
  • 2. Full Data Binding:​ It requires data to be exposed to our API service to sync up, whichwill be hosted on your servers and no one from the EasyData team will have access to it.Works even better, because we can not just give you database query back, but can alsogive you visual data. The one-time setup takes a bit longer around 2 weeks because ofdata sync to get started all you need to do is, sign in to our platform to get your uniquekey, setup data syncing with a new database and just start asking questions.

How it will add value to your business:
  • 1. Saves time, money, resource: Instead of hiring experts to perform your analytics, you cannow do it on your own or by hiring a non-expert.
  • 2. Integration with various platforms like Slack, Ms Teams, mails, sheets, etc so that youcan access your data anytime and anywhere.
  • 3. Helps you in better insight with high accuracy.
  • 4. Any technical background is not required. So, can be used by anyone in the company’shierarchy.